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Living with disabilities can be daunting. Everyone should be hand in hand in learning how to cope with these challenges. This site is still a work in progress and we encourage everyone to contribute experiences that will be vital in building a helpful resource for differently-abled denizens. 



Refuge for the Differently Abled

People with disabilities face multilple challenges in their daily life. Their well-being and quality of life are always an immediate concern. Performing physical activities can now be made easier with tools to improve the quality of life of people with handicap.

differently abled challenges

According to the latest 2010 US Census,more than 56 million individuals in the United States are living with disabilities. That is almost 20 percent of the whole population of the United States. These disabilities affect almost all aspects of an individual's life, and  to fully recover from normal quality of life in all of these areas need to be addressed. Issues of simple mobility and self-care are the initial problems that some differently abled people face. Participation in a comprehensive rehabilitation program will help handicapped people recover their function. It is essential that they find appropriate programs that specializes in rehabilitation and learn about assistive technologies that will make their lives better. .

Empowerment through Information

Aside from the physical and emotional challenges, people with disabilities also cope with social aspects of their lives that need to be addressed as well. Getting employed is also an issue for them. Although there are legislations that support the advocacy of differently abled people, employers vary in their willingness to modify a work environment to accommodate people with disabilities.

Having disabilities is not the end of living normally. This website will guide you through all the aspects of being empowered as a person with handicap.